Top 3 Most Efficient Thigh Workouts

Thighs are among the areas of the body that can change your appearance and catch the eyes of other persons, especially if you are a woman. Even though you may have a well shaped upper body, if you have toneless thighs you will not feel too confident about your body. Usually, the thighs are an area with certain problems, because they have the potential to bring your body extra fat. For that reason, doing proper thigh exercises will help you look much better in your pants or short and you will have a better overall posture. Let’s take a look at our top 3 most efficient thigh workouts.

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This exercise is great for the thighs because it works the legs and also burns plenty of calories. Before you start doing it, be sure that you feel comfortable, especially before the first sessions. The squat is performed by standing with the back against the wall, with feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lower the body to a sitting position and be careful to keep the back straight and the knees behind the toes. Hold for two or three seconds before gradually standing up again and repeat the exercise. For a more intensive exercise, you can do it using a dumbbell in each hand or placing a ball between the wall and the curve of your lower back.
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Leg Press

This is another great exercise that will improve your flabby thighs. This exercise will not only help you tone your thighs faster, but it will also strength your upper legs. In order to perform this workout you need a leg press machine. For better results you have to do at least 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 leg presses per day. Remember to breathe out during the first movement of the leg press and to breathe in during the second movement.

Top 3 Most Efficient Thigh Workouts Picture

Leg Curl

The leg curl is one of the most popular inner thigh workouts. They apply high pressure onto the hamstrings, which are the muscles from the rear of the thighs. The exercise has to be done on the leg curl machine and you can start by lying face down. Keep your chest flat against the surface of the machine and tighten your grip around its hand grips. Slowly curl your legs up and then gently lower them down until you reach the starting position. Try to do the same sets of repetitions from the leg press workouts.