The Fastest Ways to Tone Your Arms

Along with getting ripped abs and training your leg muscles, toning your arms should be a part of your fitness goal, especially if you are having troubles with sagging skin. If you tend to store fat in the upper body area and you are constantly having troubles shaping your arms, here are some fast and effective ways to make your arms look more toned than ever.

Eliminate fat deposits in your body

First of all, you must handle the core of the problem which is eliminating the fat intake and for that, you need to adjust your diet. Reduce the amounts of fats in your food so you will get rid of the fat that covers your muscles. Balance your diet with low-fat and protein-rich foods like lean meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables that make your body look thinner and more toned.
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Weighted arm sleeves can help you tone your arms

Besides the regular exercises you perform for shaping your arms, consider wearing weighted arm sleeves that multiply your arm toning results. This type of weighted clothing is specially designed for working the arm muscles and they add weight to your body so the resistance of the exercises will be bigger.

Push ups

Try the common push ups when you want to tone our arms because this exercise guarantees great results by targeting all the muscles of your arms, back, and shoulders. Stand in a plank position with your arms slightly extended further than your shoulders. As you lower to the floor, bend your elbows to the outside until your body is parallel to the ground then return to the initial position and repeat as many times as you can.
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Triceps kickbacks

Another effective type of exercise that tones your arms is called triceps kickbacks and it requires a set of dumbbells. Bend your body 45 degrees from the waist line, keep your arms at your back in a parallel line with the floor and bend your elbows while holding the dumbbells and bringing your hands towards your body. Perform the movement either with one hand at a time or with both hands.