How to Properly Use a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a complex fitness equipment that requires some special care in handling and using so you will obtain the best results and will stay away from accidents. You would want to avoid not using it the right way so you would appreciate knowing a few things about how to properly use the rowing machine. In this case, you have come to the right place, so make yourself comfortable and keep reading to discover the right way to use your rowing machine.
How to Properly Use a Rowing Machine Picture

The right position

You will have to set the resistance to a low level so you will be able to adjust your position as you row. Keep your feet well secured on the pads with the straps tight enough to keep your feet in place so they won’t slip. Grab the handle and slowly bring your knees up as you slide to the top of the rowing machine. You will use your legs to propel you along the glide and you will have to hold on firmly to the handle.
As you slide to the end of the machine, keep your legs straight and the knees slightly bent so you won’t hurt them. Lean back just a little and pull your arm against your chest while holding the handle and keep the elbows pointing down against the sides. You must keep this position during a complete stroke that implies sliding to the back and forth of the rowing machine.
How to Properly Use a Rowing Machine Picture

The right body balance

The rowing machine focuses on almost every muscle group in your body not just the upper or the lower area, so you will have to balance your weight and use both your arms and legs during a full stroke. Avoid using only your arms while gliding on the rowing machine because this will put too much pressure on your arms, shoulders, and lower back. Instead, use your legs to push your body weight so you will assist your arms during the stroke.

The right glide

As you glide on the rail, avoid firing your arms and legs at the same time. Using the rowing machine implies three steps, namely pushing with the legs first, pivoting backwards at the hips with the shoulders pulled to the back, and pulling the arms to your chest last. Following these steps will guarantee that you will complete a stroke in the best position and that you will not hurt yourself.