Golf Gadgets that Simplify Playing Golf

Playing golf can be quite easy and very enjoyable if you use the right devices. There are some units that can help you highly improve your game, and therefore, play like a professional. Here are the most important golf gadgets that simplify playing golf, and that you must definitely own in order to obtain the best results.

Golf Gadgets that Simplify Playing Golf Picture

Nikon Coolshot 40i laser rangefinder

This is considered, by many users, one of the most powerful golf laser rangefinders on the market today. The unit comes equipped with the Nikon’s amazing angle compensation technology. The Nikon Coolshot adjusts distances depending on the several factors such as uphill or downhill slopes. Other features that this wonderful unit has are a high-quality 6x monocular, ergonomic design, multilayered coating for bright and clear images, wide field view of 7.5 degrees, dioptre adjustment function, long eye relief design, large ocular for viewing, and a distant target priority mode. The Nikon Coolshot also has an auto power shutoff function and it is a rainproof item. All in all, you will certainly improve your golf game with this accurate device.

Golf Gadgets that Simplify Playing Golf Picture

GolfSense 3D swing analyzer

A swing analyzer is another useful device that you must own in case you are a golfer. It will certainly help you play better. Among all the golf analyzers available on the market, we believe that the GolfSense 3D swing analyzer is one of the best units of this type because it can analyze your swing in real-time, and you will be able to see a side-by-side comparison of your swings and different ones. Furthermore, you will also be able to share all your swings on Twitter, Facebook, or email it to your coach. There is a free golf sense app available for downloading on the App store. All in all, with the GolfSense 3D swing analyzer, you will learn how to play like a pro.

Golf Gadgets that Simplify Playing Golf Picture

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS watch

This is without a doubt one of the best golf gadgets that simplify playing golf. It can improve your game, round after round. The device will actually show you the best approach to the green, and it will do this by avoiding all hazards on over 40,000 courses all over the world. With the TomTom Golfer 2 GPS watch, you can definitely drive your game to the next level, thanks to its innovative features such as the automatic shot detection and the post-game analysis. All in all, with this clever item, you will certainly learn how to play like a pro, and you will also enjoy to the fullest every game.