Best Strength Training for Toned Legs and Glutes

Who doesn’t want to have perfectly toned legs and firm glutes that enhance their aspect? The legs exercises are essential in any workout routine and they are the key to a balanced and fit body. In your attempt to achieve the most toned legs and glutes, try the following strength training exercises that will engage your lower body muscles.
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Training with ankle weights

Ankle weights will come in handy so you might want to put them on your list of essential fitness equipment. These weights can aid you in your legs and glutes exercises by adding resistance and increasing your strength. Wear them while running, rowing, stair climbing, or performing aerobics and maximize the results of your workout routine. The ankle weights come in a variety of sizes that can be matched to your physical strength and they will surely engage your legs and glutes into the exercises.
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Barbell squats

Any fitness lover knows the benefits squats have in toning the lower body area and strengthening the legs muscles and if you add a barbell, you are sure to maximize your training results. When performing a squat while holding a barbell, make sure you go all the way down so your glutes will join in and pause for a second while you return up so the muscles will stay contracted for more. Small pauses during the squat add intensity to the exercise so the muscles will be trained harder.
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One leg barbell squats

For this leg training exercise, you need to put one leg behind you on a bench and keep the other straight while holding a barbell across your back. Slowly bend the straight leg that you are standing on to reach the squat position and try to go as low as you can and without feeling any pain. The leg that is placed behind you should be as far away from your body as possible so your hamstrings and glutes will be worked during the exercise. The barbell adds strength to the exercise and forces your body to carry more weight than your own weight.
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Barbell step ups

The added weight will also increase the resistance of this exercise and will help you tone your legs and glutes in a way that will show fats results. The regular step ups that you perform using a box can be adapted to strength training by holding a barbell on your back or attaching some ankle weights to your body. As you step on the box with one leg at a time then get off the box the same way while holding the extra weight, you will manage to contract your leg muscles even more.