Advantages of Training with Weighted Clothing

Weighted clothing is used by many people when they do physical activities and they want to add extra weight to their bodies. This special clothing is mainly used when performing resistance training and among others it helps gain more muscle mass. Therefore, you can easily integrate this clothing in your daily routine and because it has various advantages, more and more people want to train with it. There are various types of weighted clothing, from weighted vests to weighted gloves, sleeves or shirts. In this article, we’ll present you why training with weighted clothing can help you improve your workout progress.
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Burn calories

Weighted clothing helps you burn calories because the metabolic rate of the body is determined by your weight. The fact that you can add weight gives you the possibility to make the body think that you are heavier and so it has to boost the metabolism.
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Fits close to the body

Another great advantage of the weighted clothing is that whenever you want to do cross fit exercises or agility movements it fits close to the body. Lifting big weights may affect your position and so you will not be able to do the exercise properly. Moreover, you can even get hurt, so the weighted clothing is a safer solution.
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Gain muscle mass

The muscle mass is built when training with weights therefore, if you want to make your muscles grow much faster, put on the weighted clothing. This clothing will make the muscle groups work harder and achieve the results you’ve been waiting for.
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Increase the fitness level

If you feel that you can do more and you want to add some extra resistance to your body, you can easily wear weighted clothing. Moreover, the pockets with removable weights will give you the possibility to add the weight your body can handle.

Increases strength and endurance

Among the benefits of wearing weighted clothing there is strength and endurance. When you have to carry extra weight you force the muscles to adapt to the weight and in time it will make your body gain strength and muscular endurance.
Advantages of Training with Weighted Clothing Picture

Cardiovascular benefits

Because the body is forced to carry extra weight, the lungs will work harder and they will improve the cardiovascular system. The fact that the normal exercises become more demanding, the cardiovascular intensity increases, depending on the weight of the clothes.