3 Solutions to Make a Basketball Game More Engaging

Basketball games can be very entertaining, regardless of the skills of the players. There is something very inspiring about a community that comes together to support their favorite team, whether we are talking about a junior team or a varsity team. However, the game atmosphere can easily be ruined by the lack of a few essential elements. You see, the crowds don’t come to the game all pumped up ready to cheer for their favorite players. For most of the audience, this is just another day, and you need to pull some tricks off your sleeve in order to get them in the game mood.

1. The cheer squad

Every team needs a cheer squad. The cheerleaders are the heart of the team, the ones that motivate the players and always believe in them. Their purpose is to increase the team morale, but also to engage the audience, and inspire the crowd with the same enthusiasm and motivation that they have.

2. The crowd prompts

There are various types of prompts that you can use to engage the crowd. The easiest way is to use some placards that the cheerleaders can hold during key game moments. However, a more efficient solution would be to opt for a Sideline Interactive digital scoring table. These devices are mainly used to raise money from advertising deals. However, the Sideline Interactive scorer tables also come with an interactive software solution that allows you to display various messages like player information and game information for key moments such as free throws or three points. This is very useful as it allows the audience to understand the game better and use that information to cheer for their team.

3. Crowd cheer props

Another way to make a basketball game more engaging is to use the crowd as your second cheer squad. You can achieve this by using certain props like flags or placards. For example, you can place different colored flags on the crowd’s chairs and at key moments during the game encourage the crowd to wave their flags. The flags need to be positioned in a certain way, so that when the crowd waves the flags, all of them combined together can form the team flag. You can also use one giant flag that the crowd can hold up at a key moment, or you can place letter placards that the crowd can raise at a specific time and form a cheer message. The possibilities are endless. You just have to use your imagination, and don’t worry as the audience will be delighted to participate in such a moment.