#Fitspo: Celebrities Who've Spoken Out About Their Fitness Journey
#Fitspo: Celebrities Who’ve Spoken Out About Their Fitness Journey

#Fitspo: Celebrities Who’ve Spoken Out About Their Fitness Journey

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There’s no wrong time to start thinking about our health!

With each and everyone’s body being unique on their own, what may look healthy for you might look completely different for someone else. It’s up to us and health care professionals to make that distinction—and it’s always inspiring whenever someone makes the health-driven leap!

Check out these celebs who’ve recently opened up about their road to fitness and how they’re making it happen.

Angel Locsin

UPDATE: Proving that she’s still got that Darna look down, Angel recently posted a progress photo donned in Anne Curtis’ Recess activewear and a much thinner frame.

Fans and friends soon flocked to Angel’s page to send their words of encouragement to the actress.

In true Angel fashion, the star followed the photo with a motivational post to encourage others to follow their own path when it comes to losing weight.

She began by saying that angles matter when it comes to taking fitspo photos, and she’s no exception.

“Pressure did not and will not help. Just take your time. Your body, your rules. Just don’t forget to love every inch of you in the process, no matter what other people may say. You are more than your weight or how you look. What’s important is how you feel and think of yourself,” the actress shared.

She also shared that her body is still a work-in-progress and she’d be more than happy to share her routine once she feels more confident.

“Though I feel good now. I’ve been taking care of my health and trying out something new. I will share with you my process and journey some other time, when I’m more confident na.

Meanwhile, the real-life Darna shared last June that she’s been taking on a nutritionist-approved 800-calorie meal plan to regulate her eating habits.

Sharing her first day on Instagram stories, the actress mentioned that “Today is the first day of my diet. After so many years, I finally decided to go back” while sharing a plate of her vegetables and meat-based meal.

Angel suffered a bone disk bulge back in 2015 that attributed to her weight gain as she would feel pain under any heavy physical activity like exercising. While a caloric deficit can be often attributed to weight loss, it’s recommended that people don’t drastically start into it and consult with a professional beforehand.

Aiko Melendez

The 45-year old actress turned heads in the past week as she posted new photos showcasing her slim figure. Though it may look effortless, Aiko shared in a recent Instagram post that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get the figure she has now.

She shared that she’s been doing keto (ketogenic or a high-fat, low-carb diet), exercising with Chloe Ting workout videos, doing firming machines, detoxing, and upping her water intake. From a size 10, she’s also now rocking a size 6.

So kung kaya ko kaya niyo din yan! Remember to love and take care of yourself,” Aiko affirmed. “And it’s also a choice but I am against body shaming! Big NO NO yan. Kung saan kayo comfortable na body dun kayo. You only have one body to take care of.” No truer words spoken.

Camille Prats

Talk about a hot momma! Camille has been transparent with her fitness journey in becoming a strong mom of one through weight lifting, cardio, and being more intentional in what you eat.

To those discouraged about the slow progress of their weight loss, Camille reminds us that “Your mood does not determine whether you’ll do it or not, regardless whether you feel like doing it, you still do it. You also can’t keep giving yourself excuses, you do it. No matter what, you do it.”

“If you just started your fitness journey or whatever it is you committed yourself to doing, keep doing it. Changes don’t happen overnight.

Sharon Cuneta

Proving that there’s no timeline when it comes to prioritizing your health, the Megastar made waves in March of this year as she showed off her slimmer figure in tank tops and even a bikini.

As a self-proclaimed “foodie”, the 55-year old actress made vital points on not just looking better, but being healthier overall through dieting.

“The older you get, the more prone to diseases you get. That’s what I’m trying to avoid,” she shared. I hope I can inspire them to be healthy and not lose hope even if they’re overweight or having issues.”

Saab Magalona

Look at those abs! The second Magalona daughter has been open about her workout journey ever since having her second son, Vito Tomas.

Along with her husband and Cheats bandmate, Jim Bacarro, the pair have signed up for online trainers amid the pandemic.

Not only does she look great, but Saab knows that the hard work now will pay off in the long run while raising their two children. “Jim & I knew that we wanted to make fitness a top priority so that we can stay in top shape for our boys.”

Looking great is good, but there’s nothing like knowing your body is doing great too!