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Roman Rock: Bvlgari Refreshes the B.zero1 Rock with a Defiant Dash

Roman Rock: Bvlgari Refreshes the B.zero1 Rock with a Defiant Dash

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Throw refinement, gossameriness, and charm out the window and welcome audacity, gallantry, and chutzpah into your vocabulary. Keeping its dedication to originality and creativity inspired by 2,700 years of unrivaled Roman arts and architecture, Bvlgari continues to blaze new trails with effrontery.

Kicking off the third decade of a revolutionary journey, the Roman jewelry house writes the new chapter of B.zero1 in vivid scarlet ink. Marrying Bvlgari’s fierce energy and Rome’s flamboyant exuberance, the B.zero1 is reborn. B.zero1 Rock embodies the unapologetic rulebreaker, a trait deeply rooted in the Bvlgari DNA. A liberating expression of independence and strength, the refreshed line manifests the brand’s quintessential pioneering spirit combined with groundbreaking creativity.

Taking inspiration from the heritage Bvlgari tubogas choker emblazoned with studs dating back to the 80s, the new B.zero1 Rock is an iconic symbol of uniqueness and self-expression. It boasts double take-worthy designs, conceived to reflect the brazen individuality of women and men.

Brash, independent thinkers, insurgents. The new design of B.zero1 Rock epitomizes a new generation of unisex precious jewelry meant for the ones who live outside the box. Rings, pendants, bangle bracelets, and earrings bear the new line’s disruptive aura. Bvlgari combines classic yellow gold with precious diamonds on the rim, and interjects the blush of rose gold with edgy black ceramic. The iconic Bvlgari double-logo is engraved on both ends, adding elegance to the double wave of the B.zero1 Rock’s studded core.

For jewelry that goes more than just accessorizing, for accents that empower you and release your grit, for a turbulent state of mind, the Bvlgari B.zero1 Rock screams an unapologetic attitude.

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