These Celebrities Collaborated With BJ Pascual In His Musings Series
All The Celebrities Who Collaborated With BJ Pascual In His Musings Series

All The Celebrities Who Collaborated With BJ Pascual In His Musings Series

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BJ Pascual’s Musings Series has garnered a total of 4.4 million views. Find out why everyone’s hooked on this new YouTube series.

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During quarantine, photographer, BJ Pascual, decided to create a mini-series titled, Musings. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the creative industry was not what it was like before. Nowadays, Zoom photoshoots, online directing, video castings, and the likes are the day-to-day normal of creatives in the industry. To combat the dwindling opportunities for creatives, the veteran photographer decided to go back to his roots and produce art that he truly wants. In these personal shoots of BJ Pascual, we were met with a blow-by-blow parade of celebrity muses for these personal shoots.

Ultimately, the videos blew up and now BJ has garnered a YouTube fanbase eager to find out who the next muse will be.

As of November 25, 2020, BJ has done a total of five celebrity musing episodes. To name them by order of appearance, they are: Liza Soberano, Ivana Alawi, Gabbi Garcia, Nadine Lustre, and Catriona Gray. Despite only being a series of five, we speculate that there are more episodes with other celebrities that have not yet been released, as per Catriona’s statement in the last video.

Gabbi Garcia 
Kapuso superstar, Gabbi Garcia, stars in Musings Episode 3 entitled, Self-love. The photoshoot was originally a commercial shoot, but after all the necessary photos were taken BJ wanted to try something more creative. The actress shared with BJ her struggles as a morena beauty in the entertainment industry, providing insight in the context of self-love and beauty.

BJ Pascual, Musings

Catriona Gray 
Not only is BJ a creative, but in the latest episode of Musings, he appropriately gives back to those in need. Ms. Universe 2018, Catriona Gray, opens the show by informing the viewers that the ad revenue from the video will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross. The video then continued to showcase Catriona’s pre-Columbia judging photos filled with pageant-inspired themes in a 12-hour shoot.

BJ Pascual, Musings

Liza Soberano 
As the first Musings episode, the Liza Soberano collaboration really set the bar for the other videos in the series. The shoot took place at around August 2020, and it was the pair’s first time to work together during the pandemic. Liza was insistent in adding in “feminine cool” aspects to the shoot. Their biggest inspiration was Jennie Kim from Blackpink.

BJ Pascual, Musings

Nadine Lustre 
The fourth episode of Musings hit two bird with one stone with Nadine Lustre as the selected muse. It was Halloween 2020 when the episode aired, which was just in time for Nadine’s birthday. Aside from the hypnotic dark romance of the looks curated by Lyn Alumno, the photoshoot was also an ode to the women who were wrongly accused of witchcraft in the 16th century.

Ivana Alawi 
The most watched Musings episode of BJ Pascual is without a doubt the Ivana Alawi collaboration. The video boasts 2,800,000 views as of November 25, 2020 was also the first shoot of BJ and Ivana together. They both admittedly expressed their enthusiasm in working with each other, since both have been “big fans” of one another for a long time. The shoot was heavily inspired by the 90s and Prada’s Fall/Winter 1991 collection.