To All the Serums We've Loved Before, You're No Match Against SNAILWHITE - MEGA
To All the Serums We’ve Loved Before, You’re No Match Against Our New Favorites

To All the Serums We’ve Loved Before, You’re No Match Against Our New Favorites

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It’s out with the old, and in with the new! SNAILWHITE’s Double Boosting Serums are the answers to all our skincare problems

When figuring out which skincare product to include in our routine, we sometimes tend to use a ton that we think will work mainly because everyone else is using them. We’re already getting tired of the nonstop trial and error situations with different products, so discovering not one, but two new ones that were specially formulated to target our specific skin concerns is a blessing from the skincare gods themselves. SNAILWHITE has launched their newest line of Double Boosting Serums that Erich Gonzales and Lucy Torres-Gomez are just obsessed with. With these new releases, we’re definitely ready to happily bid our previously used serums adieu!

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Two is better than one

Why settle with just one when we are given the luxury of having two? SNAILWHITE’s new Double Boosting Serums provide a mindblowing combination of two serums in one step thanks to its exclusive double-compartment packaging, making every application even better with their richer formula that simply gives more than expected.

The Double Boosting Brightening Serum is filled with their Brightening Serum and Bright Boosting Serum for double the glow! With its active ingredients of Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Snail Mucin, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid, this new serum is the ideal choice to brighten the skin. The Alpha Arbutin effectively evens out our skin tone while giving it a more radiant glow. It also reduces melanin formation to help prevent discoloration like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C, a rich antioxidant that’s a classic ingredient in skincare products, not only protects our skin from radical damage, but also helps in the production of collagen for a healthier complexion.

This serum gives us a more luminescent radiance that even Erich Gonzales herself is amazed by. The 31-year old actress is enjoying double as the Double Boosting Brightening Serum gives her skin 2x the glow in just one pump. She said so herself: “Two is always better than one to give me the glow I need.”

Meanwhile, Lucy Torres-Gomez is just in awe of the new Double Boosting Anti-Aging Serum that makes her look more radiant than ever before. Filled with an Anti-Aging Serum and Lift Boosting Serum, this new product offers double the youth-boosting power because of its innovative combination of Hydrolyzed Collagen, Fullerene, Snail Mucin, Micro-algae, Ceramosides HP, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The Double Boosting Anti-Aging Serum makes it perfect for those who aspire to look as fresh as the all-around woman herself since the Hydrolyzed Collagen packs in long lasting moisture for a plumper and more supple-looking skin. It even smooths our skin’s texture as it removes any type of flakiness, all while preventing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Fullerene, a rich antioxidant that’s 172 times more potent than Vitamin C, protects our skin from damages caused by UV rays and pollution, reduces melanin production to prevent hyperpigmentation, and balances our skin’s oil and sebum production to visibly minimize the appearance of pores. We have to admit–all of that is simply music to our ears.

With the new SNAILWHITE Double Boosting Brightening Serum and Double Boosting Anti-Aging Serum, both available at PHP 115 for 4 + 4 mL and PHP 1,095 for 40 + 40 mL, we can now experience double the glow or the anti-aging power with only a single pump. To see the magic happen for yourself, visit any Watsons, SM Beauty, or 7-Eleven branches nationwide. You may also check out SNAILWHITE’s official website, BeautyMNL, Zalora, Lazada, or Shopee.