5 Skin-Loving Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Morena Celebrities
5 Skin-Loving Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Morena Celebrities

5 Skin-Loving Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Morena Celebrities

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Embrace your natural complexion with the beauty recommendations from your proud Morenas.

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There was once a time where society was deeply exposed to whitening advertisements that treated darker skin tones as less desirable and looked down upon. But slowly and surely as more Filipinas flaunt their radiant bronzed skin, this discriminative beauty ideology is changing for the better. From skincare that helps bring out the glow, foundations having a wider shade range, and makeup with shades that actually pop on melanin-rich skin, Morenas should never have to feel that they can’t love the skin they’re in. 

If you’re looking for Morena to Morena beauty tips, these Filipinas got you covered with their favorite skincare and makeup to make your skin stand out. Check them out below.

Beauty Recommendations:

Angelique Manto

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Skincare: MARIO BADESCU Facial Cleanser

“It has saved me from so many pimple-popping days ever since I used them!”

Makeup: GLOSSIER Boy Brow

“My holy grail is a great eyebrow product. My go-to is the Glossier Boy Brow in either clear or brown. I just think that when I have my brows fixed, I’m already good to go as it frames the face!”

Leila Alcasid

Skincare: YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Vitamin C Serum

“It brightens and makes Morena skin look so nice and glowy!”

Makeup: SUNNIES Face Airblush in Peached

“It compliments Morena skin so beautifully”

Kiana Valenciano

Skincare: CERAVE Tinted Sunscreen

 “To avoid hypo or hyper pigmentation”

Makeup: SUNNIES Airbrush in Moon or Razz

 “I’d have to go with the Sunnies airbrush in Moon or Razz applied on the cheeks and lips”

#1 Beauty Tip:

Jasmine Curtis – Smith

Layer on your SPF!

“Always wear sunscreen and avoid abrasive products like puffs or loofas! For makeup, even if your foundation states that it has SPF, it’s still better to apply a separate sunscreen for the face because the one in your makeup will wear off after a few hours.”

Ylona Garcia

Sunscreen and Mascara are two essentials to always have in your bag!

The Filipino-Australian singer who’s bringing Filipino pride to international music scene, Ylona Garcia is also a certified proud Morena. She advises that the two beauty steps she never forgets are to apply sunscreen to keep her skin young and protected alongside mascara to accentuate her doll-like eyes.