Jach Manere #StealsTheSpotlight with Her Influence And A Future In Music
How Jach Manere Will #StealTheSpotlight Amidst The Pandemic With Her Influence And A Future In Music

How Jach Manere Will #StealTheSpotlight Amidst The Pandemic With Her Influence And A Future In Music

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MEGAStyle cover star, Jach Manere, opens up about her creative vision as an artist proving she is more than a top model.

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The Jach Manere you see online and the one you meet in real life are two different people. Former Asia’s Next Top Model contestant who has been dubbed as a Pia Wurtzbach look-a-like is not at all like she seems. Despite the edgy projection of her socials and her mullet haircut, she’s actually a very light-hearted and sweet girl— the type who could light up a room. (Also, doesn’t look like Pia at all in real life.) She emanates her own natural Filipina beauty in a very unique and creative way. During our three-day MEGAStyle cover shoot, we got to know Jach Manere unlike anyone else before. More than being our muse, she has become a dear friend. Read on to find out how this top model was able to navigate through life, love, fame, and the pandemic.

Silver fringed dress by MARC RANCY; Scene Stealer Palette and Rising Star Lip Balm by SPOTLIGHT COSMETICS

Beauty under the light
If you’ve ever wondered how it was like waking up as a roommate of Jach Manere in Asia’s Next Top Model, then listen in. During the cover shoot, I was able to experience being her roommate firsthand. When we would wake up to start the day, Jach had a particular beauty routine she would follow. First off, she always made sure she had at least 8 hours of sleep. Secondly, she’d prep up by cleansing her face and brushing her teeth. Lastly, she’d add in a bit of make-up before heading out to conquer the day. She used Spotlight Cosmetics every morning we spent with her as a part of her beauty routine. Her go-to Spotlight product is the Rising Star Lip Balm. She wore it to almost every layout we had for her.

MEGA: What are your beauty essentials?

Jach: First and foremost is water. Water really does help with the hydration of your body especially your skin. So, drink your water, kids! But when it comes to products, my essentials are moisturizer, sunblock, concealer, mascara, and then my most favorite is lip balm. And that’s it for my everyday makeup routine. I never go out of the house without having my lip balm. I bring it everywhere. Always remember to moisturize, because the better skin you have, the less you need to put makeup on.


Blue velvet gown with cape sleeves by PABLO CABAHUG; Blue ribbon strapped stilettos by Puey Quiñones x Lenny Lu; Scene Stealer Palette, Scene Stealer Gel in Sassy Bronze, and Rising Star Lip Balm by SPOTLIGHT COSMETICS

Jach the artist
For those of you who don’t know, Jach is actually a graduate of MINT College with a degree in Music Business Management along with other MINT alumni, such as Clara Benin, Sydnis Hartha, and Elise Huang. The top model is a real-life musical nymph with her otherworldly beauty and talent for the arts. She hopes to one day be able to breakthrough in the music industry as a producer for up-and-coming Filipino artists.

M: What’s your relationship with music?

Jach: I have a really close relationship with music. I actually studied Music Business in college and I value music so much that I literally cannot go on a day without listening to any. It holds a special place in my heart that roots back to my childhood. I grew up listening to music with my family almost every day and it inspired me to pursue music and learn more about it to this day. Music is a form of art that makes you feel and makes you groove. Music actually plays a huge role in my career as a model because I draw my creativity and emotions from it. I express it through body movements to convey both art forms to the audience–creating a piece that they can feel and understand.

M: Do you have plans on working in the music industry?

J: Yes I do! Although I did put my music dreams on hold for awhile, so I could focus on my modeling career, I still have plans on pursuing it. I have recently applied for an internship in a record label here in the Philippines to expand my knowledge and experience while I still have a lot of free time.

Blue velvet gown by PABLO CABAHUG; Pearl necklace with crystal-encrusted panther necklace by TIM TAM ONG; Scene Stealer Palette, Rising Star Lip Balm, and Scene Stealer Gel in Sassy Bronze by SPOTLIGHT COSMETICS

The pandemic hustle
Jach Manere is a proud independent woman. She knows how to take care of herself and doesn’t need anyone to provide for her needs. This is all thanks to her incredible work ethic. Jach was determined to make the most out of work opportunities during the pandemic. She’s been safely working for the majority of quarantine to stay afloat as a model. You’ll be able to see her work in numerous local and international campaigns for multiple fashion brands. Her only work non-negotiable is an antigen-swab test before every shoot. She says it’s her only way of assuring her family that she doesn’t bring anything home from her hard day at work.

M: How are you doing during quarantine? What have you been doing?

Jach: This quarantine I’ve started to focus on myself, to better myself, and to take care of myself more. We can’t just let the pandemic get the best of us, so I’ve been putting a lot of attention to my health and my family’s (health)–since that’s our number one priority especially during a time like this. I also started and am still trying to work out from time to time. [I’ve] been following my full skincare routine religiously. Because for me, even though work was on hold, when the time comes, it’s still better to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

M: Has there been changes in your career or social life since the pandemic?

Jach: Work-wise, it has made a huge impact, especially for us who work in events like fashion shows and shoots, where people gather, watch, and work closely to one another. I really miss getting busy, walking on different runways, and going to shoots everyday. I miss fashion weeks and the brand events. Also, getting booked for jobs from my agencies outside the country and flying right back for local jobs here. Right now, I’m currently doing shoots for look books and campaigns. I’m really grateful that despite everything that’s happening, we could still make a way to create something that we’re passionate about–that we can still work. Of course, we still follow the safety protocols every time. One thing I learned to adjust to is working with brands online. Everything is slowly becoming online now, so when you can’t get to work the work can go to you.

Blue tweed bralette by DEBBIE CO; 14 karat gold bangle with saltwater pearls by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE; 14kt white gold and 10kt yellow gold with princess cut diamonds and south sea pearls by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE; Freshwater pearl necklace by TIM TAM ONG; Scene Stealer Palette, Superstar Matte Lipstick in Scream Queen, and Rising Star Lip Balm by SPOTLIGHT COSMETICS.

However, with my social life, I definitely miss seeing my friends and other friendly faces. I even miss seeing strangers. But nowadays we can never be careless, so me and my friends always video chat to catch up with one another. We even do painting sessions through Zoom! It’s actually kind of fun doing the things you do outside in the comfort of your home.

Scene Stealer Palette, Superstar Matte Lipstick in Scream Queen, Scene Stealer Gel in Sassy Bronze, and Rising Star Lip Balm by SPOTLIGHT COSMETICS.

Creative Direction JANN PASCUA and JEB FRONDA
Art direction NICOLE ALMERO
Beauty direction MIKA REYES
Shoot coordination PATRICIA RAMOS