Angelina Cruz Is Living The Dream In The Best Of Both Worlds
Angelina Cruz Is Living The Dream In The Best Of Both Worlds

Angelina Cruz Is Living The Dream In The Best Of Both Worlds

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MEGAStyle February cover girl, Angelina Cruz, is a Marketing student in DLSU and showbiz royalty. Here’s a look into her double life.

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Most people could only dream about living a double life, but for Angelina Cruz it’s her reality. As a famous pop star once said, “You get the best of both worlds. Chill it out, take it slow. Then, you rock out the show.” In a literal sense, the rising star does get to experience a normal life while pursuing her career in show business. Although this may seem impossible to some, for Angelina it’s only natural. In a way, you could say, it runs in the family. This is because both her parents are considered showbiz royalty. Angelina’s mother, Sunshine Cruz, is a widely known actress and singer. On the other hand, her father Cesar Montano, is an actor, film producer, and director. There’s no wonder why Angelina is oozing with great genes and a natural talent for the arts. As our newest MEGAStyle cover girl, Angelina wholly represents our theme for February: Dreams. Now, we get to share her story on living the dream in the best of both worlds.

Dreams do come true
Unreal is how Angelina described the entire experience shooting with MEGAStyle for her cover. The young actress admits that she has never done a photoshoot that leaned towards a more editorial direction. She was excited to be trying out new things with her overall fashion and beauty direction. She shares that shoot was an absolute blessing, especially since it was taken during the pandemic.

Recently, Angelina has been given the role of a lifetime in TV5’s new sitcom, John en Ellen. She plays the role of Camille Kulantong, the daughter of John and Ellen. She portrays this role alongside Ellen Adarna and John Estrada who are her parents in the show. Angelina shares to us that she wants to take after her parents as inspiration for her acting. However, the young actress would also like to forge her own path in show business.

A dream is a wish your heart makes
Angelina has many goals she has yet to fulfill. Her first goal for the year is to master Tagalog. Secondly, she wishes to create her own music. Lastly, the young actress prays for a leading role in a film production. Her goals may seem a little mis-matched, but once you learn the reason behind them it’ll make you appreciate our cover girl a whole lot more.

You have to give Angelina some credit for her honesty. She admits to not mastering her mother tongue, but is absolutely adamant in learning it. Since she is regularly taping on the set of John en Ellen, she gets to practice her Tagalog a lot more than usual. Angelina shares, “It’s been challenging but its nice that I’ve been practicing.”

Her last two goals for the year are career related. She wants to create her own music and she wants to star in films. Although Angelina has been making strides in her career for the past few years, she has yet to write her own song and take a leading role for a film production. She knows this will take some time, but she’s willing to put in the work for her dreams.

Working for your dreams
When it comes to getting in the grind, Angelina seeks advice from her mom. “The best part about it is learning a lot of things from both worlds. Im so happy my mom is there to guide me,” shares Angelina. Angelina’s mother, Sunshine Cruz, teaches her daughter the importance of priorities. She makes sure that her kids value their education above a career in show business. Apart from this, Sunshine sets an example through her re-enrollment to college recently. After finishing her undergraduate studies, the veteran actress proves to her children that an education should be pursued no matter the circumstances.

“I’ve always been used to balancing my studies. Although recently, it’s been new to me because of the pandemic. Now, I got to manage my priorities better. It’s important that I have a balance in giving time for myself, my studies, and my career. Before, I would move guestings that would fall on a school day. Definitely, things have become more manageable for me.” –Angelina Cruz

Dream a little dream for me
Angelina’s advice to aspiring actresses and singers who would like to finish an undergraduate degree is to set your priorities. “My advice to them would be to know what you want and to know your priorities. It may sound cliche, but everyone should follow their dreams,” says the 19 year old celebrity. She thanks her mom for teaching her the value of setting goals and knowing your priorities. Additionally, Angelina recognizes that all of this is easier said than done. However, she firmly believes in working hard on one’s craft to improve more and more everyday.