This Is Only The Beginning: Andrea Brillantes Gets Unapologetically Real
This Is Only The Beginning: Andrea Brillantes Gets Unapologetically Real

This Is Only The Beginning: Andrea Brillantes Gets Unapologetically Real

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This is Andrea Brillantes with no strings attached. She’s unbothered, unchained, and unapologetic. Find out what’s next for The Queen B after she turns 18.

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She played Marga in the hit TV series, Kadenang Ginto. She dominated the Tiktok game even before it became a thing. To top it all off, she has accumulated one of the largest fan bases on social media. But, do we really know who Andrea Brillantes really is? Now that the Queen B has officially turned eighteen, she’s ready to get real on and off the screen.

For this year’s March issue of MEGAStyle, we did not hold back and neither did Blythe. The truth of the matter is Andrea is all grown up and ready to take on the world by storm. That’s why the team worked day and night to give her voice justice in our newest cover. We wanted to showcase Andrea’s range as an actress. She is not confined to forever be the darling of Philippine show business. She’s powerful, strong, and most definitely a girl boss. She knows what she wants and is unafraid to speak her mind to get it. Behind the soft spoken and sweet demeanor is a powerhouse waiting to start.

Black lace-up dress with cutouts by AJ JAVIER; black latex bodysuit by JAZ CEREZO; and studded lace-up leather ankle boots by THIAN RODRIGUEZ.

MEGAStyle: “How was it like shooting with MEGAStyle for your birthday cover?”

Andrea: “Dream come true siya. Ever since I was younger matagal ko nang gustong magshoot for Mega.”

MS: “What were your favorite looks in the shoot? “

A: “Actually, yung nakablack na latex top ako. Di pa kasi ako nakakagawa ng ganyang shoot with that style.”

Breaking free from the norm
Andrea Brillantes is woke. There are no ifs, buts, or maybes. She just is. You really can’t take that away from her. The young actress understands the real world we’re living in. Gone are the days when teenagers would have the same problems depicted in the movies. Nowadays, school and popularity aren’t what real life teenagers are worrying about. They are faced with the realities of cyber bullying, depression, eating disorders, and so much more. Andrea sees this through real life experiences and wants to tackle roles that contribute in creating awareness for these causes.

MS: “What are your plans for the second half of your acting career?”

A: “Well, definitley to be able to pursue more challenging characters that you wouldn’t expect me doing. I want to do stories that my audience relates too. Katulad ng risks of social media and how it affects my generation.”

“I would like to tackle sensitive topics such as eating disorders, body dysmorphia, bullying, and many more.”

— Andrea Brillantes

Eight years of the grind
Andrea has been working since the young age of 10. That’s what we call the grind. She’s been clocking in for commercial shoots, TV show tapings, guestings, hostings, modeling, and so much more. If you’ve been in the industry for 8 years, you would have definitely picked up a thing or two along the road. Aside from this, there must have been many repercussions and compromises being made when living a life under fame. Andrea confirms all of this and more, but proceeds unbothered. She’s willing to be brave enough to go through the motions and fight for her dreams.

Black lace-up dress with cutouts by AJ JAVIER; black latex bodysuit by JAZ CEREZO

MS: “Since you’ve been in the industry for 8 years, what are the changes you’ve experienced in your career?”

A: “Definitely, what changed in my career are the roles that I’m doing. Hindi na siya mga pangbata at teeny bopper roles. Mas malalim na ang mga karakter na ginagawa ko.”

MS: “You’ve gone through so much. Does anything still surprise you?”

A: “When you’ve experienced all that I have in front of the spotlight where people judge you 24/7, hindi.”

MS: “How did you deal with growing up under the public eye? Did you have to adapt in any way?”

A: “Mahirap siya kasi people judge what you do on a daily basis. So I mastered the art of deadma. Wag nalang pansinin ang mga comments.”

Blythe is officially legal
Eighteen is a special time in any woman’s life. It’s her debut. She’s officially a woman of the world. She can make her own decisions and pave her own path. That’s what Andrea is set to do now that she’s eighteen. Although, her first rule of action may not be what you expect. After Andrea Brillantes turns eighteen, she wants to drive herself around alone. That’s what we call an independent woman. After purchasing a new home under her name, a car would be the next best move. Along with this, the young actress is able to stay grounded by reminiscing about her younger years. As the years go by, she has learned to be kind towards herself by giving herself the time to grow.

Black velvet dress over a sheer corset by USHI SATO

MS: “You’re 18! What are you most excited to do now that you’re legal?”

A: “Wala naman… but I want to drive by myself.”

MS: “If you could tell yourself anything 10 years ago, what would it be?”

A: “Their opinions don’t matter. Be yourself. You can never please everyone.”

MS: “What’s your advice to aspiring actors who want to make it big like you?”

A: “Wag sumuko and always do your best. Sa industriya namin madaming laging nagsusulputan na mga artista. So, if you are given a break, go do your best. Stand out. Minsan lang mabigyan ng ganyang pagkakataon. Don’t waste it.”

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY
Creative Direction NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion Direction JEB FRONDA
Beauty Direction MIKA REYES
Makeup RAFFY SO assisted by PAM CARREON