How Maymay Entrata Changed Her Life After She Found Independence
How Maymay Entrata Found Her Independence And Why It Is Important To Find Your Purpose

How Maymay Entrata Found Her Independence And Why It Is Important To Find Your Purpose

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In her 5th year in the industry, Maymay Entrata is a new woman, ready to take on more challenges.

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When we found out that Maymay Entrata would be our cover girl for the month of April, the team was instantly excited. Working with Maymay has always been a pleasure, thanks to her relaxed and bubbly personality. Plus, with her modelesque figure and readiness to don any kind of look and outfit, the ideas seem endless. What hasn’t Maymay done? That was our main challenge. From donning fairytale gowns in her wildly popular turn in #MakingMEGA, to wearing couture pieces by Dubai-based superstar designer Furne Amato, and her unexpected role as a punk princess in a MEGA September issue, Maymay has rocked it all. But she’s never been celebrated as a work of art. 

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Sculptural multi-colored short dress by MARA CHUA and gold strappy heels by JEFFERSON SI

Her combination of kindness, talent, ferocity to succeed and ability to relate to people in an instant is rare in this industry. We chose to focus on this as we, quite literally, put her on a pedestal inside the UP Vargas Museum beside pieces of art created by Filipino art legends. For Maymay and this cover, the main focus is the process of creation—from carving out a new path for one’s self and the confidence it entails. 

Here, MEGAStyle catches up with the actress, talking about the pandemic, her anniversary and the biggest learnings she’s picked up along the way: 

MEGAStyle: How does it feel that you are celebrating your fifth year in the industry already?

Maymay Entrata: Yung pakiramdam na tagumpay, hindi lang tagumpay sa mga bagay na meron ako o pangarap na aking natupad kundi tagumpay sa pagtuklas ng purpose ko dito sa industriya. Araw-araw pinipili kong pasalamatan ang Panginoon dahil habang tumatagal madami akong natutunan at isa na dito is to fully embrace the entertainment world I am in because through this unti-unti kong naintindihan na lahat ng blessings ko ngayon ay blessings din sa karamihan. That’s why ang sarap to celebrate my 5th year in the industry dahil alam kong di ako nag-iisa kasi kasama ko mahal ko sa buhay at aking mga taga suporta.

MS: What would you say has been the biggest challenge these past five years?

ME: One of the biggest challenges is yung biglaang change ng buhay ko. It was a challenge to adjust in the beginning hindi lang sa trabaho kundi pati na sa mga katrabaho ko. It wasn’t easy growing into this craft that’s why kapag may opportunity to learn and improve, kinukuha ko po talaga because I am really passionate about this craft.

MS: What are the best learnings you have absorbed in those 5 years?

ME: I learned to not depend on anyone’s approval but God’s. Dahil dumating sa point na naging people pleaser ako kung saan di sya naging healthy because it came to a point that I wasn’t my real self anymore. I also accepted na di lahat talaga ay mapapasaya mo. The only ones you really need ay yung mga taong tanggap ang buong pagkatao mo.

Yellow pleated pantsuit by JESSAN MACATANGAY

Because of the pandemic I was able to give importance and value the people who really matter to me.


MS: What were your learnings during this pandemic? 

ME: Because of the pandemic I was able to give importance and value the people who really matter to me. Also, these past few months I admit that I really focused on my personal plans at hindi yung plano ng Panginoon sa buhay ko. I think because of the pandemic, I became impatient and rush through things na kailangan ng oras para mabuo. I realized to trust the process God has for you. Kasi kapag hindi nangyari ang gusto mong mangyari it leads to frustrations, fear, anxiety, and blaming God. But when I learned to surrender everything wholeheartedly to God, kahit pa hindi nangyari ang gusto ko, okay lang kasi alam kong God knows what’s best for me. Ika nga nya, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

MS: Would you say you have gained independence because of the pandemic?

ME: Yes! Hindi biro ang online shooting cause I really learned a lot! From concept, makeup, hair, styling, lights, editing, I was able to observe and learn the importance of each one. Kaya I really appreciate all the people off cam because they really are there to support you at nagiging maganda ang final product because of them

Black asymmetrical dress by JAN GARCIA

MS: Everyone says you are a great model. If you had to choose between being an actress or a supermodel, which one would you choose?

ME: I’ll have to choose being an actress cause at the end of the day, pwede pa rin naman akong maging model. Hahaha!

One of the featured artists in the UP Vargas Museum is Simplicia “Nena” Saguil, one of the pioneers of the modernism movement in the country. Among her works, excerpts of interviews can also be found, showing a woman who’s brimming with independence, non-conformity and the desire to take control of her art: ”Style? What is it? I wish to make it clear that If I paint I do, in my own way, in the spirit and the sentiment of the present,” she says in one feature. The new Maymay is also taking the reins of her own destiny and her identity as an actress and performer. Guided by her faith and her newfound confidence, she is turning out to become a true artist in her own right.

Creative Direction JEB FRONDA
Art Direction NICOLE ALMERO assisted by BRIE VENTURA
Beauty Direction MIKA REYES
Shoot Coordinator PATRICIA RAMOS
Shot on location UP VARGAS MUSEUM