Rei Germar On The Values You Need To Survive The Industry
Rei Germar On Authentic Influence And The Values You Need To Survive The Industry

Rei Germar On Authentic Influence And The Values You Need To Survive The Industry

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Who was Rei Germar before her “Divisoria Haul” vlog exploded in 2017? Who is she now as one of the most followed Filipina digital creators? Get to know the creator behind the name Rei.

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The second decade of the 2000s saw the brith and rapid rise of digital content. From hysterical memes that continue to become social media staples to full length vlogs that keep us all up to the wee hours of the morning, digital content is a part of everyone’s day to day life. But as the old adage says, with great power comes great responsibility. Seeing high standards of beauty (add to that the fairly recent rise of unrealistic filters) and success, coupled with unregulated consumption of these have proven to cause feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and FOMO.

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Thankfully there is a breed of digital creators who are aware of these effects on people, especially the young women who look up to them. They consciously put out realistic and authentic content that their followers can easily relate to and not the other way around. One of those women who pioneered authentic influencing in the Philippines is Rei Germar.


With the story of creation as a main theme for our cover shoot, Rei Germar blossoms in front of the camera. With every stroke she fashions content that is real and inclusive. That is why her famiRei continues to support their sister in her journey as a digital superstar. We spent time with Rei and explored the mind of this creative pioneer in an effort to better understand and see the possibilities of authentic influencing in the future:

MEGAStyle: 2017 was such a momentous year for you. Did you expect that your Divisoria haul vlog would start this big journey for you?

Rei Germar: I never expected that video to blow up. During that time, I was getting less than 5,000 views per video. I remember I had around 700 subscribers (probably my friends and family lol!) before uploading that vlog. I also remember shooting that vlog with the front cam of my mobile phone. Everything after that vlog was unexpected but I’m truly grateful.

MS: You are now one of the most sought after filipina creators on YouTube. What do you think is your edge as Rei and as a Filipina over other vlogs?

RG: I always find it hard to answer questions like this because I personally feel like I’m not doing anything EXTRAORDINARY. In fact, I feel like I was able to make a connection with my famiREI because of my ORDINARY ways. I just keep it simple, true and raw. I treat my viewers as friends and sisters and I like sharing a piece of my heart to them.

Cloud cut-out blazer by JOB DACON and Finesse dangling earrings by MAZEE

They appreciate it when they see that I am also human and that not everyday is full of rainbows and unicorns. That way, they are able to relate to me more.

I believe they’re part of my journey because we all grow together. I started vlogging back when I was a college student and I grew [up] in front of their eyes. Some of my viewers started watching me as a student as well and now they’re young professionals.

MS: Who was Rei before YouTube and what parts of that Rei has stayed and changed?

RG: Rei before YouTube was insecure. She didn’t really love the image she used to see in the mirror. She was easily intimidated by people. I realized I was so quick to judge other people when I was younger and TBH it says a lot about how I see myself. I was insecure and I was jealous of strong people.

After a few years in the industry, I slowly learned how to appreciate everything that I am. I wanted to be an inspiration for my viewers. I remember how they would ask me questions about self-esteem and self-love and my answers would be very generic and cliche because I didn’t know what self-love is. I didn’t know how to show love to myself. That’s when I realized I have to start loving the picture I see in the mirror. And I’m telling you, it wasn’t a quick and easy journey.

Rei before YouTube was also living in her own little safe bubble. She didn’t know how to take risks and to trust her crazy ideas.

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Having to live the last 4 years in front of a camera made me more responsible for my words and actions because I know how I could heavily influence other people. So the Rei now has grown and matured. But I’m not perfect and fully baked. Just like anybody, I will for sure make mistakes (not intentionally ofc) but I’m glad that I have people around me who educate me. I just try to be better every single day.

MS: What are the most important values one needs to have to survive in your industry?

RG: I always get the question “How do I set myself apart from everybody else?” And my answer has always been “JUST BE YOU.” 1.) Authenticity is very important. Just let your true self shine. It’s also important for me to be genuine. That’s how you can show your love and appreciation back to your viewers.

2.) You’ll need a bunch of courage. Putting yourself out there is not easy and there will be people who will try to bring you down but have the courage to keep on chasing that dream

Times are always changing. Trends are ALWAYS changing. 3.) So you have to be flexible. If you want to stay and survive, you have to be able to adapt.

Teal blue mock neck cropped top and flared pants both by JAN GARCIA and Corsette diamond earrings by SUKI Jewelry

MS: What makes for “good” content?

RG: 100% True and 200% Heart. Good content will be defined differently by different creators. But for me, I’d like to keep it true 100% of the time and pour my heart in it. I try my best to always look out for my viewers. Even if it’s a sponsored content. I always ask myself, “is this product or service beneficial to my viewers?” “Is this online purchase really worth sharing?” “Will they learn something from this experience?”

100% True and 200% Heart.

– Rei Germar

MS: What is your advice for people who are entering your industry?

RG: Start today and be consistent. Make sure you’re doing it because of your passion for creation and not for money because it’ll be draining. Be mentally prepared because it could be cruel at times. Focus on what matters. Don’t let the noise make you stop. You’ll feel that you’re stuck but NEVER compare your Stage 1 to other peoples’ Stage 10. It’s not a race and we [each] have our own timeline.

MS: What is next for Rei Germar?

RG: Right now I’m really happy producing weekly vlogs for my viewers. I feel like I get to connect with them more. On the other hand, I’m really busy and enjoying working for my own brands. My Manager, Mika Alcause and I have been working non-stop for @wear.tapies. We are an inclusive, practical and seamless nipple cover brand. We’ve been busy restocking and developing new products for our Tapies Babe.

Cloud cut-out blazer by JOB DACON, Rika slip dress in chocnut by TOQA, Finesse dangling earrings, Carpe diem necklace and Max cable necklace all by MAZEE and white classic sneakers by BALTHAZAR

Migy and I also started our own fine jewelry line and we’re releasing more collections soon on @BySeptemberPH. We are launching our new baby @TheLulaClub this month too! I’ve been working closely with my friends Jammy Cruz, Ry Velasco and Hazel Quing for this! Can’t spill the products yet but make sure to watch out for it! In all of these, basically, what’s next for Rei is really just more work Haha!


It is Rei’s unapologetic realness that people continue to gravitate towards her. And when she was able to harness this expanding her channels to more women who value authenticity, Rei and her famiRei have become unstoppable. With more projects and big brand collaborations in the pipeline, they are more than ready to change the industry to become more authentic and inclusive just like the name Rei Germar.


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