Chie Filomeno And The Rules Of Making It Big In A Digital Landscape
Chie Filomeno And The Rules Of Making It Big In A Digital Landscape

Chie Filomeno And The Rules Of Making It Big In A Digital Landscape

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Uncover the unspoken rules of going viral and making it big in the digital landscape with our MEGAStyle June cover star, Chie Filomeno.

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Some would say there are no rules on the internet. On the other hand, others would say there are—especially if you’re looking to make a career out of it. Branding, content creation, and creativity all play a huge role in the rules of making it big online. One of the content creators who has mastered the art is actress and dancer, Chie Filomeno. She has taken over the digital landscape with countless OOTDs, TikTok dance covers, and insightful tweets. Despite the effortless look of it all, there is actually a lot of thought and planning that go into her work. In this exclusive MEGAStyle interview, we take a deep dive in the unspoken rules of going viral and unlocking true star power online with our June cover girl, Chie Filomeno.

A Star Is Born

Through thick and thin, Chie Filomeno has stuck by her goals. Since her she moved to the Philippines from Japan, she has always wanted to support her family through show business. The young actress and performer is a proud breadwinner who only has others in mind when working on set. She shows great work ethic and is not one to back down from challenges in life.

MEGAStyle: What are the differences between the start of your career and your career now?

Chie Filomeno: “The difference between them is that, present time I’m able to touch so many people’s lives because of social media. And through acting mas lumawak yung platform na meron kami ngayon, I’m able to inspire people in many ways possible and vice versa; andito pa din ako dahil sa kanila because they inspire me so much to do well and hone my craft.”

Black leather patent jacket and skirt by KIMIKIMI; diamond earcuffs by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE; and crystal mesh ankle boots by YVES CAMINGUE

MS: What are the achievements you’ve made during your career that you are most proud of?

CF: That I was able to provide for my family. Proud breadwinner here! Wouldn’t change it for the world, yung feeling of fulfillment. Hindi lang dahil I am able to provide for them, but it’s fulfilling to see them happy kasi alam nila ginagawa ko yung bagay na pinakamamahal ko. Achievement ang pagiging breadwinner for me kahit sabihin nating mahirap. How can you achieve something if you do not work hard for it? And, your family will be there to support you. Rewarding! Achievement to make my family so proud of me. And, ang daming learnings along the journey.

MS: What were the hardships that you had to face growing up in the spotlight?

CF: Too many to mention! Kidding, aside. Pero, pinaka top sa list ko now siguro is having to reach peoples’ expectations and standards of us in the spotlight we are in, what they perceive us to be. I’m guilty of trying to be something I’m not because of the pressure. Pero, realization ko malungkot talaga siya eh. May kulang talaga. That is why be yourself and be flawed. Please yourself and not other people. Let them get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

Bralet by VERSUS VERSACE from CUL DE SAC; black knit dress by ROD MALANAO; rainbow-sapphire diamond necklace and bracelet by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE.

They Hate Us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us

One of the hurdles that Chie had to go through was the downside of social media: cyberbullying. She went through a rough patch when rumors and discouraging sentiments about her were spread around the internet. In some way, this is the sad reality that comes with online fame and going viral. Despite the disheartening turn of events, Chie persevered and proved herself to be relentless in achieving her goals.

MS: How did you cope with cyber bullying and internet hate?

CF: It was a hard process. May mga nights na iiyak ka at hindi ka makatulog, syempre tao ka lang din naman– nasasaktan. Minsan mapapaisap ka na lang baka totoo yung sinasabi nila kasi paulit-ulit binabato sayo. They try to put you down that you’re starting to believe what they are saying. This is how I cope up, I have a very strong support system. My family and friends nandiyan sila for me. They know me better than anyone and I know myself. Yun yung sinasabi ko sa mga times that I just wanna give up.

Black leather patent jacket and skirt by KIMIKIMI; diamond earcuffs by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE

MS: Who has been essential in your growth as an actress and a social media star? What have you learned from them?

CF: One of the people who has been an essential growth for me as an actress or social media star are my family, friends, and Star Magic. My Star Magic family has seen the potential in me to be a part of their growing family in spreading joy and inspirations to the public. They helped me hone my craft and to be an instrument to inspire other. And for my family and friends, who have helped me stay humble and grounded with all the blessings I have been receiving. I still have a lot to learn from people and life. I hope vice-versa.

MS: What advice would you give yourself at the start of your career?

CF: Chienna Roseph never ever give up! Because, what if, you’re just one step closer to your goal, diba? Sayang lahat ng effort, learnings, pagod, iyak, dugo, at pawis.

“Find your purpose in life and everything will fall into its rightful place.”

Chie Filomeno

Find your purpose in life and everything will fall into its rightful place. Also, remember that you prayed for what you have now. Always be grateful for that and please be good to yourself, because you cannot make an impact if you are not good to yourself.

Bralet by VERSUS VERSACE from CUL DE SAC; black knit dress by ROD MALANAO; rainbow-sapphire diamond necklace and bracelet by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE.

A Career On Social Media

Some would say that a career on social media would be impossible, but Chie Filomeno begs to differ. After 9 long years in the industry, the young actress has learned how to master the art of content creation. Now, she is a social media powerhouse who is able to create authentic content on the daily. Truly, the young actress has made lemonade out of lemons with all the natural talents she possesses.

MS: How were you able to build a following of 3.1 million followers?

CF: I think the main reason why they are still with me in this journey is because I’m true to myself. I am not afraid to make mistakes and learn from it and better myself. We were able to build a family and they’re there sa lahat ng obstacles ko sa buhay and I’ll be forever grateful for them. Actually, I get this question a lot. I do not know why. But (what I can say is), those 3.1 million followers on my Instagram account, they are people. They are more than just numbers. It makes me happy and fulfilled to be able to touch and inspire them.

Laser-cut dress with crystal embellishments by RIAN FERNANDEZ

MS: What is your essential influencer gadget to get the job done?

CF: Pinaka importante of course is my phone!! #vivoV21Series all the way! Super nice investment! Yung mga release ng vivo laging level up lang! Especially, the V21 5G! No BS and hindi dahil ambassador ako pero this phone is super ganda!

MS: Is it important to have high end gadgets to create quality content?

CF: I think having a high end gadget is not that big of a factor in making quality content because for me quality content is what you put out there for the world to see. The message in your content is what’s important. Instead, having a good quality phone that is affordable is something that you should be looking for.

Black leather patent jacket and skirt by KIMIKIMI

Now that we know the secrets to social media from the words of Chie, are you ready to start your own online career? If you’re looking to take your vlog or posts a little more seriously, then you’re at a great place to start. At the end of the day, it’s what we learn along the way that teaches us how to handle new experiences. Just like Chie, we all find out new things about ourselves by pursuing our dreams and following our goals. We can’t wait to see what the multi-talented star has in store for us, but for now we can celebrate her first cover for MEGAStyle.

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