Chie Filomeno Gets Real About Cyberbullying And Going Viral
Chie Filomeno Gets Real About Cyberbullying, Social Media, And Going Viral

Chie Filomeno Gets Real About Cyberbullying, Social Media, And Going Viral

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Chie Filomeno takes a look back at her career and the people who have helped her get through the hard times in our MEGAStyle exclusive.

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The first time I met Chie Filomeno was way back when I was still a commercial model. We were both waiting in line for an audition and I caught myself staring at her. She was clad in head to toe black, while donning long luscious locks and a clear complexion. At the time, she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. I just knew that the girl standing beside me was absolutely gorgeous. And, I thought to myself, “She’s definitely going to get the part.” A few years have passed and I saw the girl waiting in line transform into a star. First, it was cameos in late night teleseryes. Next, it was performing on national television in front of hundreds of people. Then after a few years, she was all over my For You Page. But, for me the craziest thing about this whole story isn’t the success she has achieved. It’s the fact that I had a gut feeling she would be famous all those years ago.

Dove gray metallic dress by AJ JAVIER; crystal body chain and thigh-high mesh boots by LA GLAMOUR QUEEN; and gemstone embellished rings by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE.

Now that I look back at it, it’s safe to say it was Chie’s star quality that gave me a gut feeling. I’ve never really understood the term until I saw it in her. This may sound rude, but to fully grasp what I’m trying to say you have to put it into perspective. Some people are born talented, good looking, or both. On the other hand, some people are talented, good looking, hardworking and possess a certain je ne sais quoi. And, that’s what Chie Filomeno has.

So when she started working in the cut throat industry of show business, things naturally fell into place. The young actress and dancer has reached tremendous heights as a performer, but needless to say it wasn’t easy– even if she had star quality. After getting to know the rising star of the digital age, I was able to see what truly lies beneath the glitz and glamour of being Chie Filomeno.

Like all good things, Chie’s career was a slow burn. She started doing commercials and appearing on television way back in 2012. At the start, she was known as the Original Queen Mean Girl of the Philippines. The title was given to her not because of her real life personality, but because of the roles she would usually receive in shows. Because of Chie’s commanding gaze and striking beauty, it was easy for her to be casted as the mean girl.

Although this may be the case, the young actress furthered her career by rolling with the punches while keeping a positive demeanor. When asked about her 9 years in show business, she said,

“[I am] Hardworking, professional, and very passionate in work. That transcends to the camera, when you’re able to to show people that you love your work.” All of this paved the way for the celebrity success story that Chie is currently living in.

As Chie’s career continued to flourish, she also had a fair bit of controversies. I say controversies with a bit of sarcasm, because they shouldn’t even be seen as controversies at all. In 2019, she revealed that she had gotten her nose done. A few years later, she spoke her mind about the government. “My team has helped me a lot during hard times. Hindi naman yung sobrang pasweet. Malalaman mo lang na nandyan sila kasi kahit matagal na kayong hindi naguusap alam mong they’ll be there for you throughout your whole career,” says Chie. Now, she continues to live her life honestly and fearlessly with the support of her friends and family.

Bralet by VERSUS VERSACE from CUL DE SAC; black knit dress by ROD MALANAO; black feather embellished socks by NO.21 from CUL DE SAC; platform heels by JEFFERSON SI; rainbow-sapphire diamond necklace and bracelet by DEVALUCHI JOAILLERIE.

This spunky personality can be seen through her active social media presence. You’ll be able to find the rising star in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Plus, she’s not only on these platforms– she’s dominating them. With over 3.1 million followers on the ‘gram and 13.6 million likes on TikTok, it’s amazing to see the influence that the young actress has amassed. “Work ethic. The reason why my team and I jive and have lasted this long is because we have the same work ethic,” says Chie. And, the progress is obvious in both Chie and the people she partners up with.

One of the things that advanced her to the role of social media star is her brand partnership with vivo Philippines. In her newest campaign with them, she joins Maine Mendoza, Ashley Rivera, Marvin Fojas, and Dora Dorado as the brand’s official Selfie Masters of the vivo V21 series. Without a doubt, Chie was perfectly casted by the vivo team for this project because she uses her vivo V21 5G smartphone in everything she does. We found her taking Instagram stories, posting photos, and messaging with her friends using her vivo phone during our cover shoot.

Black faux-leather swimsuit by BESSIE BESANA; full bodysuit with digitally printed patterns by ROBERT HIYAS; and transparent ankle stiletto boots by MAISON MARGIELA from CUL DE SAC.

Through her fruitful partnership with vivo, we were able to learn different social media tricks from the star herself. She shows us how to use the state of the art features of the vivo V21 5G, like the: 44MP OIS Self Portrait, Dual-View videos, 64MP OIS Night Camera, and Motion Autofocus capabilities. Aside from this, the phone also works as the ultimate accessory for all her OOTDs. Especially since, she got the vivo V21 in the fashion Sunset Dazzle color that gives an amazing lilac chrome effect when you use it. You can definitely see how both vivo and Chie continue to learn from each other through their many projects and gigs together.

Needless to say, Chie Filomeno is the sexy and sophisticated star that everyone should be watching out for. Her talent on the stage, camera, and dance studio is nothing compared to the inner star power she possesses. Truly, this factor sets her aside from the rest of her peers. Plus, it is also the hidden key to her long and ongoing career in show business. We can’t wait to see what else Chie has in store for us, but for now it’s all cheers and celebration for the star’s cover debut.

Photography by JERICK SANCHEZ

Creative Direction by NICOLE ALMERO

Fashion Direction and Styling by DANIEL REYES

Beauty Direction by MIKA REYES



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