The 5 Best Local Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands You Need To Know
The 5 Best Local Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands You Need To Know

The 5 Best Local Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands You Need To Know

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From short to tall, thin to curvy, everyone deserves activewear that fits and looks as good as it functions. 

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Activewear has come in a variety of mix-and-match sports bras and leggings, stylish prints, and cool crop tops that people can wear daily. However, not all carry a size range that catered to every woman’s needs. Curvier women have long struggled with finding performance wear that not only fits their bodies but offers the support they need. While women who are shorter or taller than standard sizing are left with ill-fitting workout gear. Only in recent years have companies realized that health and wellness is not a one-size-fits-all situation. So, whether you’re moving your body to get those daily dose of endorphins, or taking a Netflix break on the couch, we’ve rounded up the best local fitness brands that serve all shapes and sizes.


Looking for workout wear that can easily take you from the gym to the couch? or simply motivate you to get to work? Recess has launched their FLEXWEAR line that does exactly that. From size 1 – 7 (XS – XXXL), there’s a customizable set for everyone.

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It includes new styles such as the Underscore Bra with a racerback cut and the Ladies Who Lounge Bra which provides ample compression in the comfiest buttery soft fabrication. And if you’re thinking of switching out your raggy old shirts and boxer shorts for a wardrobe that uplifts your mood, their new daily staples such as the Comfort Zone Pullover, Short, and Pants are made to help you relax in style. Their best-seller the Personal Best+ Legging is also upgraded with added compression to give firmer support and highlight the booty you’ve been working for. 


Sustainable and body-positive, Groove doesn’t only take care of their consumers but also the people who make them and the world we live in. Unlike traditional sportswear made of entirely virgin plastic/polyester, this slow-fashion brand uses 87% Recycled Polyester (rPet). With each set, 20-30 post-consumer plastic bottles are renewed instead of ending up in the ocean or landfills. They’re also 100% Filipino-owned whose company is accredited by FairTrade, BetterWork, and WRAP.

Their size range goes from XS-XL and they ensure that women of all sizes are empowered in their campaigns and online platforms. If you’re on the first leg of your fitness journey, their primary-colored sets are the ideal staples to start with.  


While Sandy Cheeks are more known for their swimwear, they’ve also branched out to an activewear line that ranges from XS – 4XL. It’s made from the same fabric as their swimwear line that’s ideal for low-intensity routines such as Yoga or paddle boarding at the beach.

The collection’s color palette is a pastel daydream and their unitards have become a personal favorite for work-at-home attire. Every piece is also now made-to-order to create less product waste and promote slow fashion.


Head to The Shape Shop and you’ll find everything from athletic tank tops, running shorts, loungewear bras and shorts in the chicest dark and nude shades.

Their mainly known for advocating body positivity by offering a size range that goes from XS-XL in different cuts and silhouettes, so that curvier women don’t have to stick with one basic look. Plus! they even have an activewear collection specifically made for children. 


A local fitness brand on par with its international counterparts, Machita offers high-quality sportswear while being affordable to the local market.

It’s great for your daily workout but with its bright colors and flattering cuts, it can also be worn when you’re simply running out to do your errands. While Machita encourages women to move and be healthy, they are very clear that strong come in many sizes, that’s why they offer items in size XS – XXL.